L'il Miss' Scale Oven™

Recently, I've heard a lot about the L'il Miss' Scale Oven™ microtonal software. It sounds like a great resource for microtonal musicians.

Alas, I can't comment on it personally as it's only for Mac, and I'm a PC user. I did, however, run across a glowing review of it at the Post Classic blog. You can also visit the Nonoctave.com website for ordering information.

Even if you use a PC or aren't interested in the software, it is worth visiting this site because it is a good source of information on nonoctave music, an interesting subcategory of microtonal music.

If you have used L'il Miss' Scale Oven™, please post a comment telling us what you think. If you have any comments on other Mac only tuning software, that would also be appreciated.

See also the Bohlen-Pierce Site, another good web site on nonoctave music.

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